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Franchisees own and operate an authentic California juice bar, a frozen yogurt shop or a “combo” store offering both product lines. Franchisees may purchase rights to a single Unit or several Units under our area development offering. The franchise agreement grants the right to operate either an authentic California juice bar featuring fresh-squeezed, raw fruit and vegetable juices, delicious real fruit smoothies, baked pretzels, soups, oatmeal, hot and cold herbal fruit teas, dairy and non-dairy yogurt products, hot teas and coffee OR a self-serve frozen yogurt shop featuring a full line-up of delicious yogurts, yogurt based custards, gelatos, many glutenfree, fat-free and other uniquely different products OR a combo Unit that offers both product lines at one location. Additionally, all of the above options will offer other approved beverages and snacks for the health conscious consumer.

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