Gameday Men’s Health 2023 FDD


The franchise offered is for the right to open a Gameday medical clinic to offer healthcare services to men. Some of the healthcare services will be provided under membership plans and will include hormone replacement, erectile-dysfunction and vitamin wellness therapies, weight management, physicals, and similar non-critical healthcare services, goods, and medications.
If you are a medical professional or if you will open your Clinic in a state that allows a non-medical professional to own a Clinic, you will operate through “Direct Clinic Ownership” or the “DCO Model.” Otherwise, if your state allows, you may open a non-medical business management firm (“Management Services Organization” or “MSO”) that delivers management services to Clinics (the “MSO Model.”) The franchisor offers franchises for single Clinics and area development franchises for the right to open multiple Clinics in a designated development area. Area developers sign individual franchise agreements for each Clinic.

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